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Selling SINKHOLE Housing

3948 Stornoway Drive,  Land O Lakes


Is It Possible?


3948 STORNOWAY Drive,

Land O Lakes, FL


I remember the day just like it was yesterday, although it was literally 12 years ago the excitement was building with the dream that was deep inside me my entire life. We didn’t have a lot of money.

I grew up in very strict military household and if we bought milk there was no ketchup; if you know what I mean. We were taught how to save. We had no choice.

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A Military Family.

My mother made our clothes because it was more economical and I remember being put to sleep late at night listening to her sew; after a full day working as a teacher; then night school for early childhood education.

I wondered how my life would turn out. I believed in the American Dream and I love my country. Maybe I’m a bit too Patriotic but those foundational values have been a big part of my life.

You keep your word. And even to this day I can remember practicing, a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind….

Our American Dream

That takes me all the way back to the 70’s — and that dream of one day owning that perfect house; working hard, working overtime, sacrificing, dedicating yourself of a vision – came true when I purchased our home – 3948 Stornoway Drive, in Land O Lakes.

It Was Perfect

(even with rooms being small)

I loved the community; they have a great park, amazing long winding walking trails and even so many things to do in a safe, quiet, simple family community.

Our Home.

For Our Family.


We Did It.

We Made It.

Everything was perfect, the move in, setting up the house, decorating, schools and even the dogs loved the neighborhood with plenty of families, kids, pets and just a great mix of diverse hard working people who cared about – things, took pride in their community and believed in what that means.

And Then It Happened

At first it was the small cracks that I noticed first. Something just didn’t seem right. And then one day when I was mowing he lawn I noticed the tremendous erosion that was occurring in different parts of the house. The concert floor in the driveway was cracking.

“Sinkhole in Land O Lakes”

It was the headlines in the morning news again. This time the Sinkhole swallowed up two entire houses.

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I thought to myself, I just better be careful and cautious; I mean you can never be to cautious when you’re dealing with your family and children. So, I started doing some research about SINKHOLES and also about Land O Lakes and SINKHOLES; and boy was that an eye-opener!

Sad But True


Our concernes deepened. We was seeing signs everywhere. Like you, I’m a take action guy and I hired a firm to check it out. We figured I was being just a little paranoid or something like that. It’s not that I’m a negative person; I’m a realist. I want to know the facts, everyone did. They were scared.

Everything We Saved


Was Gone.

And I believed the facts when I bought the house. I believed everything the realtor or builder whatever you call them, said.

We just wanted to finally move into our home.

We’ll when we discovered the news and got the reports back from the company; I’m not going to lie. Our jaw hit the ground and I had the deepest most horrible sinking feeling in our guts. We had been duped.

We Trusted Them.


My Big Mistake

I got carried away with all the excitement that I just didn’t do enough research. I mean like…seriously? Who build’s on SINKHOLE like property?

No wonder they got the property at such a low price, I’m thinking to myself.

And once they sold the property, the company was no where to be found; I think it was Lennar but I’m not too sure. Maybe MI Homes. Anyway, I’m rambling.

A Failing Grade

Well, I guess there’s not much more to say except reading some of the notes from the actual engineering investigation.

They are attached and you can see them for yourself.

I wanted to post them right here so hopefully at least you know the truth.

I don’t want it to happen to you too; is what I’m trying to say.

And no matter what the real estate, broker, or whoever is trying to tell you about “what is really going on”; just read the notes.

Don’t believe me.

Just look at the facts.

The decision is yours.

But honestly; you’ve worked hard for years, and you’ve sacrificed, and you planned, and you saved, please don’t waste your money.

The Facts.

(This Should Be Helpful.)

And I mean, there are lots of good homes in the area, I’m sure.

But no matter what sort of fancy marketing piece they put together, you might want to print out this document and have them explain it to you.

$133,000 In Damage?

Is This Possible?

Let’s put it this way; the agency that put this report together basically said; the conditions were all there for a SINKHOLE. And the

I mean it’s pretty clear to me and it still makes me sick just thinking about it. I mean…someone knew. And there’s nothing I could do about it.


The Land O Lakes Sinkhole That Swallowed 2 Houses Is Still Growing


Ballantra Villge Shoppes by mid-March….in show was cancelled due to burgeoning sinkhole.



Land O’ Lakes Sinkhole: What Residents Need to Know.


Pasco Officials: No evidence of contaminated water from sinkhole.


Sinkhole forces Land O Lakes Neighborhood to evacuate.


Sinkhole Truth.

In Florida, Insurance companies are required to provide homowners insurance coverage that includes damage from “catastrophic ground cover collapse” They are also required to offer sinkhole damage coverage as an option, and it generally appears in a rider that comes at an additional cost.


Florida’s ‘sinkhole alley’ homeowners struggle with insurance overhaul


Sinkhole Map Pasco

County – Map of Pasco Cites



Signs Of A

Sinkhole House

There are numerous indicators both inside and out that you are dealing with a sinkhole.


Inside Your Home

Walls are separating from the floor and ceiling.

Cracks appear in the floor, ceiling and walls.


Doors and windows are sticking or jamming shut.


floors are buckling, sloping or generally becoming uneven.

Plumbing problems

are constant.


Outside Your House:

Cracks in the exterior walls, often called stair-step cracking because of the jagged appearance.


Depressions or cavities in the streets or neighbors’ yards.


Holes or depressions

in your yard.


Cracks in your driveway.


Pool decks and pools showing signs of cracks.


Cracks in your foundations.

fence posts listing to the side.


Well water is dirty or

has debris in it.


You actually feel the house shifting or cracking as you walk on the floors.


– your neighbor has a sinkhole.

Here is closer look at some of these common problems that show up when sinkholes develop.



Foundation Problems.

Sinkholes can cause major problems for homes built on a slab. But you will notice the problems in homes with foundations.


The sinkhole causes the slab or foundation to move slightly.


This results in cracks forming in your ceilings, floors and walls


Landscape Problems


When you have a sinkhole, you will probably notice that the soil starts dropping in certain areas, forming a cavity. When you fill the holes, they just come back.


Interior Changes


One of the problems that appears quickly when a sinkhole is present are noticeably changes in the surface of interior structures.


The floor starts slanting so doors don’t shut tight.


Cracks appear on walls,

ceilings and floors.


When you repair them, they simply show up again in a new spot.


The Newest


Packs of Wild Boars in backyard


(sound link)


Are Your Pets Safe?

Are You Safe?

This can’t happen….right?

3948 Stornoway Drive

Land O Lakes





Everything is safe?

….and the children?